The Surf Realization Fellowship is dedicated towards expanding horizons and getting in touch with a more complete world... 
    For SRF, surfing the snow on a snowboard, riding frozen waves created by the same storms that make the surf, is a natural expansion of the surfing lifestyle.  The mountains are a world of wonder similar to the sea, another place for feeling free.  Even though the sea is Yin and the mountains Yang, a person can seek and find a balance of harmony while enjoying both worlds. 
    It's also about understanding those special moments that occur while surfing or snowboarding... Those brief but startling moments that sneak up seemingly out of nowhere, like when paddling back out after a good ride and seeing a beautiful wave that everyone else missed peel off empty and perfect.  On the Yang side, it's that first sight on a blue bird morning after a big snowfall the day before, seeing the mountain blanketed with fresh, new snow sparkling like diamonds in the light of alpine-glow. 
    That these moments happen seemingly by chance out in the surf or deep in the snow is no reason why they can¹t be saved and brought back into service when needed to overcome some obstacle in life, to solve a problem, or merely to be resurrected and savored once again.  This is what SRF is about and where we are going with it.  We will continue to apply the lessons learned and wonders discovered in our surf and snowboard adventures towards improving the quality of life within us and for the people around us.
    Welcome to SRF... 
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    2 products